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Due to the tremendous volume of orders for the BBT mounting systems, the shipping of Mounts may be a 5 Business day shipping of an order.
We do appreciate your patience and your loyalty to the BBT Brand.

Bass Cat Pedestal Mounts

 Basscat Pedestal Mounts- We are currently out of Stock of both the 4" and 6" models, the shortage of Aluminum Tubing for this mount is backordered from the manufacturer. We expect Tubing to come in in a few Weeks. If you order this product, then we will ship when back in stock. If you wish to cancel your order for this item, send me a email and I will refund your purchase.

Email me at: vanfosterjr@msn.com (Note we also made a design change to take into consideration the angle of the BassCat Bow mounting area.)

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Single Bow
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