Eyra, Puma FTD, Cougar FTD, Caracal, Lynx Dual Mount

Model years 2015-2018

If your Console has this type dash, these single mounts will fit.  Fits the following models:  Eyra, Puma FTD, Cougar FTD, Caracal, Lynx.

If your model year is not listed, please contact us. Bass Boat Technologies has many different Year and models.

If the pictures above match your Boat's console, then we have them already designed.

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Please note:  If you have a current sonar/gps unit mounted in the dash, please list in the box below.  If there was no unit mounted in dash, please write "none".

* Left Mount:

* Right Mount:

* Enter Boat Year and Model:

* Previous In Dash Mount:

BassCat Eyra Dual Mount Photos

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