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Shipping will be same day or next business day on most orders.

The Silver Heavy Duty Gimbal Brackets that are in some mount pictures are NOT included with any mount. They are optional and can be purchased here.

Please measure your bow plate size and choose from the options below.

Dual Stack Bow Brackets kit includes a Heavy Duty Replacement Factory Plate

Disclaimer:  Leveler Type "D" is an option for the 10 3/4" x 7 3/4" plate (see example below - click for larger) Leveler option is listed at the bottom of the page and can be added to the cart there.

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New: There is now an option in the dropbox to get either the "Standard Stack Top" or "Off-Set Right" Stack Top. The "Offset Right" tops are designed to shift both units to the right 2 inches allowing for better control of the Trolling Motor Cables, especially the Garmin Force TM and Lowrance Ghost TM large cables.

These will fit any Dual Stack mount from BBT.

See Example Pics. We will send the correct Top to fit what Boat Model you are buying for on the order.

**Backer Plate is included**

These mounts are NOT for the Phoenix 721 Pro XP, 818 Pro XP, or the PHX Model Boats - If you have one of those boat models, please go here.

Where to measure: (click for larger)
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