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The Silver Heavy Duty Gimbal Brackets that are in some mount pictures are NOT included with any mount.
They are optional and can be purchased here.

FAQ’s about the Bass Boat Technologies mounting system.

1. Yes, the BBT mount system uses the factory gimbal Bracket, but it is used in its strongest position, which is at 90 degrees to the main GPS/Sonar unit. In that position the factory gimbal is not as “Bendable or Springy”. The BBT System has the first anti-vibration created for the use in mounting technology, each unit is secured in several places and puts no pressure on the gimbal bracket plastic teeth. Mounting a unit hanging out in the air and being held in place only by the plastic teeth will only cause the plastic teeth in the main casing or gimbal bracket to strip out and eventually the casing will have to be replaced.

2. Yes, BBT mounting systems are made from 6061 aircraft aluminum plating that is cut by a Laser jet machine. This system insures the same accuracy for each part. All other parts used in the BBT mounting system are grade 304 Stainless Steel and are laser cut.

3. Yes, All parts are Powdercoated with high grade Dupont powder paint. The main Plates and mount brackets are a Black Mini-Tex finish to avoid Glare. There are no differences between
“Hammertone” and “Mini-Tex” finishes, it is just a type of texture in the paint.

4. Yes, the BBT mounting system is adjustable, but with the engineering involved in the design, there is no need for adjustments to be made for glare. The difference is that each BBT mount is specifically design for each manufacturers/Model Dash Degree angle. There are many different angles used by different manufacturers and models of Boats. Each dash angle is formulated into the mount to get the perfect viewing angle in all conditions. Example, if you mount something on a 57 degree dash, you will rotate the GPS/Sonar in the gimbal, each click on a Gimbal equals 10 degrees, so you can only achieve a 67 degree or 77 degree viewing angle, which is wrong and will cause glare. That is a big difference. The Dual mount is designed the same, except the units are rotated inwards about 7 degrees towards the Driver which decreases the Glare factor even more. Flat mounted screens at the wrong angle cause Glare.

5. Yes, you can change to any GPS/Sonar unit if you wish to upgrade from a previous mount purchase, we have change-over kits for any application, so you are not limited to what you want to change too.

6. Yes, Each BBT mounting system includes high grade Stainless Steel Button head cap screws for the Gimbal mounting and depending on the Dash model, the correct Stainless Steel fasteners are supplied to attach the mount to the Dash.

7. Yes, each mounting system is integrated into a replacement 3/16” Alum. Plate for your factory console.

8. Yes, You will use the Factory Gimbal Bracket for your unit in conjunction with the BBT mount system.

9. The first BBT Mounting systems were developed in 2011 and BBT is proud to be able to Claim that BBT was the very first to create/design the First external console Single, Dual and Triple mounting systems. There are other companies that followed and came out with mounting system since, but all are generic mass produced models that you could get by with, but there is only 1 Original Custom mounting system that is High Quality, Very strong, Looks like it came from the Factory, and does the job that all other brands don’t address. Once you compare other brands and design, there is only 1 clear leader in this Industry, and that is Bass Boat Technologies.

10. BBT promises that if you are not 100% satisfied with the product you chose, then simply send it back and BBT will refund you 100% of your product cost. It can’t get any better than that.  
Thank you for your patronage and BBT promises to continue to lead the field in Custom Quality GPS/Sonar mounting systems and accessories for your Boat.


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***The Bass Boat Technologies mount System utilizes the Factory Gimbal Brackets for each unit. If your units are currently Flush Mounted in the Dash or Bow, you will need to get the Gimbal Brackets to fit your unit.

No Gimbal Brackets or Knobs are supplied. All Mounting hardware is supplied with each Mount System. ***

Each Custom BBT mount comes with a replacement plate (3/16 Alum) and the mount systems are already attached and set for your choice of GPS/Sonar's

Dual Mount Conversions

 Dash Mount Conversions: Dash Conversions from a Single Mount to a Dual Mount and visa-versa are not possible.

The Single and Dual mounts are totally different Designs. If your mount is under a Year old, we do consider Trade-ins to upgrade.

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