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 Please read ALL notes on the pages of the mount that you are looking to purchase, this will save mis-ordered mounts from being shipped and prevent you from having to re-order and then return the wrong product.

 The "Warrior Series" Heavy Duty Gimbal Brackets were designed as a direct replacement for the factory gimbal bracket. These Brackets are made from 1/4" thick aircraft grade aluminum and have the Factory Lowrance plastic teeth inserts.

The "Shorty" version's are made for the Bow use only, these brackets cause the unit to set lower increasing strength and also help driver visibility. The HDS-9 Live Factory gimbal is made from Plastic, so we decided that a heavy duty metal model would work better.

D202  HDS 16 LIVE/FS/PRO REG. 5 3/4 $95.00
D203 HDS 16 LIVE/FS/PRO SHORTY 4 3/8 $95.00
D200 HDS 12 LIVE/FS/PRO REG. 6 1/8 $85.00
D201 HDS 12 LIVE/FS/PRO SHORTY 4 5/8 $85.00
D204 HDS 9 LIVE/FS/PRO REG. 4 3/4 $75.00
DS424 HDS 9 LIVE/FS/PRO SHORTY 3 3/4 $75.00
D210 HDS 7 LIVE/FS/PRO REG. 4 3/4 $75.00
D212 HDS 10 LIVE/FS/PRO REG. 5 1/8" $85.00
D213 HDS 10 LIVE/FS/PRO SHORTY 4 5/8" $85.00


The "Warrior Series" are for the "Live / Pro" Lowrance Units Only

 The "Apache Series" are for the "Gen2/Gen3/Carbon/TI2" Lowrance Units Only

"Regular" Height Gimbals are for Dash or Bow
"Shorty" Gimbal brackets are for "Bow" Only

Price range : $75.00 to $95.00
Sonar Unit:


***The Bass Boat Technologies mount System utilizes the Factory Gimbal Brackets for each unit. If your units are currently Flush Mounted in the Dash or Bow, you will need to get the Gimbal Brackets to fit your unit.

No Gimbal Brackets or Knobs are supplied. All Mounting hardware is supplied with each Mount System. ***

Each Custom BBT mount comes with a replacement plate (3/16 Alum) and the mount systems are already attached and set for your choice of GPS/Sonar's

Dual Mount Conversions

 Dash Mount Conversions: Dash Conversions from a Single Mount to a Dual Mount and visa-versa are not possible.

The Single and Dual mounts are totally different Designs. If your mount is under a Year old, we do consider Trade-ins to upgrade.

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