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2020 AVID 20 XB Beaumont New N39155 566902

If your bow looks like this, then this mount will fit.

This Mount is especially designed for the Avid Boat Brand. The Avid Boat bow has a off-set TM pedal and most graph mounts interfere with the TM deployment. This design makes up for the off-set in the bow. We also designed it to be able to change the position of the Stack Top to a Rearward or Forward position to better balance the units out evenly. The Base Height is 5 1/2" tall. Having the ability to change positions can come in handy to help the unit not hit your shin whenever you can't move the mount forward due to the Bow design of your Boat. The mount Base comes with an Off-set right stack top, reversed "D" leveler and mounting Hardware.
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