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The Silver Heavy Duty Gimbal Brackets that are in some mount pictures are NOT included with any mount.
They are optional and can be purchased here.

 Please read ALL notes on the pages of the mount that you are looking to purchase, this will save mis-ordered mounts from being shipped and prevent you from having to re-order and then return the wrong product.

If your bow looks like this, then this plate will fit.

Most model graphs (due to width of the Gimbal Bracket) will not fit straight to the Bow Plate, so a 1 1/2" Add-On riser will be necessary to mount your graph.  To determine if you need the Add-on riser, if you can fit your gimbal bracket between the switch on right and the TM Plug-in, then you do not need an add-on riser, but if the gimbal bracket will not fit between the switch on right and the TM Plug-in, then you will need the Add-on Riser. This riser is listed as a Dual Stack Add-on riser, but that is what we will use to fit the graph you picked in the Drop box.

thumbnail SKB124 Skeeter TZX

Get 1 1/2" Add-on riser here - ADD-ON RISER

BBT will supply a Larger size # 10 screws with all Dash and Bow mounts. If you need to drill new holes, use a 5/32 drill it to install the
BBT screws and caps.

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