These Gimbal Bracket savers are designed to strengthen the factory Lowrance Gimbal Bracket.  Easy to install, just remove your current Gimbal bracket and slide inside the gimbal saver, align holes, mark 1 hole on each side of bracket and attach with supplied nuts, bolts and washers.

Longer 1/4-20 BHC are supplied for remounting the Gimbal bracket to your Console/Bow Mount. The Brackets are made from SS and are powder coated.

 Humminbird changed the thickness of their Helix 9/10 Gimbal Brackets to 3/16" from 1/8". We do not know when this change took place. The Helix 10 Gimbal brackets in stock right now are for 1/8" thick brackets. The 1/8" gimbal  savers will not fit the new 3/16" Helix 9/10 gimbal bracket. We are in the process of getting the new style made at this time.



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* Sonar Unit:

Lowrance Gimbal Bracket Savers (Images)

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