The Silver Heavy Duty Gimbal Brackets that are in some mount pictures are NOT included with any mount. They are optional and can be purchased here.

  • TYPE A
  • TYPE B
  • TYPE C - TRX189

If your bow looks like one of the bows above, this mount will fit.   Please choose the correct type in the options below.

Note: Some Units will not fit together on the Triple, such as a 16 size graphs are just too wide.

Three - 12 size or a combination 12's, 10's is no problem.

If you have a question concerning the graphs you want to mount, call the shop and ask - 706-217-6161

Each Triple mount comes with a replacement bow plate. We have also integrated a slider bar system for the Top and Bottom row to be able to slide the units to the left and right to help miss whatever brand trolling motor you have.

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